Get charged up.

Our stations provide a free, convenient, and secure charge option to cell phone users on the go.

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Our stations are 100% solar powered and provide an easy way for your guests to charge on the go while enjoying your event.


How It Works

1. Grab a locker

2. Plug in

3. Secure and charge

100% Solar Powered

Our charging stations can be placed in any outdoor location without a need for an electrical connection. There's no need for expensive electrical infrastructure modifications.

Universal Charger

Our adapters allow us to charge nearly any make or model cell phone. Each locker has one of these adapters, so device users don't need to bring their chargers with them to utilize the station.

Custom Advertising

Station sponsors can place advertising in the elevated advertising box and on the rear advertising panel. Each side of the box allows for a 12"(H) x 24"(W) ad, while the rear panel allows for a single ad of 40" (H) X 27" (W). Back lit advertising is also available to attract attention to the station at night.

Modular Design

Stations are designed to setup and breakdown quickly. Each station breaks down into smaller components that can be easily transported and set back up again.

Battery System

Stations can run on battery power anywhere from 12 hours (at full charge capacity), up to several days without any sunlight.

Free to End Users

Use of our stations is always free to end users. We drive the maximum usage/adoption in this way for our station sponsors, which significantly increases their advertising exposure.

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(Telephone): 1-800-256-7918